A medically supervised weight loss program. We will help you achieve your goals to achieve your optimum look and comfort. Book your free consultation with us by either filling out the form or calling us.


Lexington Medi-Slim is medically supervised and customized for each patient based on their health, weight and weight loss goals.
•Appetite Control Medication, Fat Burning Injections and Comprehensive Vitamin Supplements
•Diet and Exercise Plan
•Medical Supervision and Support


Phase 1: The Detox The program initiates with a physical exam, introduction of the appetite suppressing medication and fat burning shots, a cleansing detox meal plan and light exercise to ease patients into their new lifestyle. The detox meal plan is essential to cleansing the body of toxins and impurities.

Phase 2: The HCG Diet Once the detox is complete, the patient begins the HCG Diet which includes the introductions of HCG shots, which allow for healthy rapid weight loss, as well as a customized meal plan with a specific caloric range. The patient also progresses into a customized exercise plan.

Phase 3: Extension of the HCG Diet or Transition to the Mediterranean Diet Depending on the physician’s recommendations, the patient will continue the HCG diet or transition to the Mediterranean diet which will help the patient incorporate this plan’s habits into their everyday lifestyle.

Phase 4: Full Transition to the Mediterranean Diet The patient has now fully transitioned to the Mediterranean Diet with a regular exercise plan that will be incorporated into the patient’s lifestyle to ensure they maintain their new weight or continue shedding weight. At the end of 90 days, the patient will discontinue taking medication and will continue to maintain their Mediterranean diet lifestyle.


How can I find out If I am eligible for this program?
Call during office hours at (212) 223-0716 or toll free at (888) LEX-DOCS to make an appointment for a consultation.

Do you offer services to both men and women?
Lexington Medi-Slim is dedicated to help men and women look and feel their very best. We are committed to helping patients achieve their weight loss goals through a specially designed, safe and effective medical weight loss program.

Who is Dr. Fisch?
Dr. Amy H. Fisch, is an Osteopathic Physician and Nutritionist. Dr. Fisch completed her Bachelor’s degree in Nutrition at Penn State before receiving her Doctorate of Osteopathic Medicine from Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine. She has presided over several private practices including Renewal Nutrition and Ageless Hormone Replacement Therapy and is also a licensed anesthesiologist. She is passionate about food nutrition and helping patients develop a lifestyle that will keep them healthy and help them lose weight safely.