Diet and exercise are good ways to tone muscle and lose weight. However, many men still find it difficult to achieve the body they desire. Fat deposits may conceal the toned muscles, making it difficult to get rid of fat in certain areas.

The Male Liposuction Procedure

The most popular areas for liposuction for men are the waist, abdomen, lower back, breast, and neck. Liposuction for a man and woman are different, due to the makeup of fatty tissue. Adipose tissue in women is softer and less fibrous than the tissue found in men. Therefore, liposuction for males presents a greater physical demand on the surgeon performing the procedure.


There are several approaches to liposuction, including standard liposuction, power-assisted liposuction and laser-assisted liposuction. Standard liposuction utilizes cannulas (hollow, stainless steel tube). Power assisted liposuction utilizes oscillating cannulas, which are especially helpful in removing fat from difficult areas. Power assisted liposuction also allows surgeons to perform higher volumes of liposuction without burn risks or trauma to fibrous tissues in a faster time frame.


The ideal candidate for liposuction is a healthy, non-smoking adult. The procedure is an option for those who would like to remove excess fat deposits from their body. Patients should have realistic expectations and goals for body contouring.


  • Adherence to post-operative and recovery instructions is mandatory
  • Transportation post-surgery is strongly recommended
  • Possibility of up to several months for swelling to completely disappear
  • Certain supplements and vitamins are prohibited to reduce prolonged bleeding