For years people have coveted a healthy beautiful head of hair, but as time goes on some suffer from hair loss or inherit hereditary baldness. There is an estimated 80 million men and women in America that are affected by hair loss. Whatever the cause is, finding a solution is top priority for most people.


There are many temporary solutions that people can explore such as wigs or hairpieces to name a couple. Those options can be very expensive over time and even time consuming to install or wear daily. Many people want a more permanent yet natural solution but are unaware of their options. Hair Restoration is a great option for those who are suffering from hair loss. These various procedures can be tailored to meet your specific hair needs.
Whether you suffer from bald patches or thinning hair, there is a solution for you. Here are a few options:
• Hair Transplant
• Hairline Lowering
• Follicular Unit Extraction
• Edge Restoration.

People who suffer from hair loss have many different options to restore their hair based on the severity and location of the hair loss. Our experienced hair restoration and plastic surgeons provide minimally invasive hair transplant treatments that usually avoid incisions, scars and stitches. Consult with your physician to choose the perfect procedure for your hair restoration needs, as they will be able to answer any questions and concerns that you may have.

•Improved Appearance: People who suffer from balding become less confident in their looks, which is why they initially seek procedures to rectify this issue. After they successfully go through with hair restoration, they feel much more confident with their improved looks.

•Immediate Solution: Many hair restoration procedures provide immediate results.

•Cost Effective: While there are various temporary solutions for hair loss like wigs and hairpieces, a hair transplant is a permanent, one-time cost.

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