The breast is such a vital organ for women in terms of maintaining femininity and sensuality. In conjunction with a cancer diagnosis, the loss of a breast can undoubtedly scar any cancer patient. During the past 20 years, the evolution of breast reconstruction has provided women and surgeons with an effective treatment for these types of holistic issues. Breast reconstructive surgery allows women to restore emotional balance and body integrity, as well as enhance dating and sexual interactions.

The Reconstructive Surgery Procedure

Reconstructive surgery is performed to replace the breast tissue, nipple and the skin that were removed during a mastectomy.

The Method

There have been tremendous advances in breast restoration, which include immediate reconstruction following mastectomy, trends toward breast conservation, improvements in breast expanders/implants, and the emergence of flaps, which employ the patient’s, own tissue. As a result, there are a myriad of reconstructive options for patients. The method of choice must be tailored to the individual patient depending on her needs and physical attributes, such as breast size, degree of ptosis or breast droop, and skin changes and quality, (particularly if exposed to radiation).


  • Temporary fatigue and soreness post surgery for about a week after implants and longer for a flaps procedure.