Keloids are painful and/or itchy scar tissues that may form over a wound from an injury or surgical procedure. They will form due to a piercing, acne, chickenpox or even a scratch. Most often, keloids will appear on the chest, back, shoulders and earlobes. Keloids affect men and women equally, but impact up to 20% of populations with darker skin tones. Living with keloids can be difficult and even embarrassing. Surgery alone is usually not the best option to remove a keloid because it can grow back and reform an even larger growth.

The Advanced Superficial Radiation Therapy Procedure

Lexington Plastic Surgeons offers the most advanced treatment options. The Sensus Healthcare Superficial Radiotherapy (SRT-100) system for the treatment of keloids achieves impressive outcomes when combined with surgery. This low-energy radiation dose is directed to the topical area, leaving minimal to no scarring and lessening the chance for the recurrence of stubborn keloids. We understand your struggle with keloids and want to help you look and feel like your best self.


  • Temporary fatigue and soreness post-surgery are common for about a week after implants and longer for a flaps procedure.>